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My first camera was a little piece of plastic that took 110 film; a good starter camera for a 6 year old. The pictures were grainy but I took a lot of them. In high school I upgraded to a 1960s Canon FTb that got me through photography classes and even got me published once or twice.

It wasn't until college that I realized the gift I had been given to relate to a subject and develop original pictures that people loved and enjoyed.

I am now a full time Metro Detroit Photographer with 11 years experience in portraits, weddings, editorial, and corporate photography.

I bring quality, energy, creativity, and flexibility to give you what you are looking for in portrait or wedding photography. I also bring a vast amount of experience from my art degree and years of apprenticing under some of the best commercial photographers in the metro detroit area.

If you would like to see my corporate work, please visit www.ShuPictures.com

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